Talk-PC specializes in providing a wide variety of premium computer and Internet services. You will find that Talk-PC's collection of service offerings are unmatched in the industry.

Rod Figg, Realtor
A Bloomington Award Winning Real Estate Agent with a Lifetime of Experience in Bloomington Indiana.

Barkn' Buddies
Your dog will leap into the back seat instead of under the bed when it's time to visit his friends at Barkn' Buddies. It's unlike anything else offered in Bloomington.

Give It For The Smile
Everyone loves to be the recipient of a gift showing that they are appreciated, and the smile it brings is priceless.

Mortgage Solutions
Bloomington based mortgage company that works with dozens of lending institutions to find you the best combination of interest rates, fees, and all the many details that make a mortgage fit your needs.

Direkt Approach
"You will find that our creativity and results-driven style provide skill development, organizational improvement and profitability enhancement. We put our extensive, proven experience to work for you in the achievement of your goals."

Langenwalter Carpet Stain Removal
Langenwalter Carpet Stain Removal is the only service completely dedicated to stain removal and spot corrections.

2801 N. Walnut St. Suite #4 Bloomington, IN 47404 | 812/336-2490